The artists express their passion for the ancient art of Chinese Brush Painting. Painting in China is considered literary art, one of the Four Accomplishments and the hallmark of the gentleman scholar or literati.

Exhibit will be on view from

January 5th – February 15th

Join us for the Artists Reception
on January 5th, 2-4 PM
at the Barth Room 

There will be refreshments and painting demonstrations by students

Gallery Hours:

Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM 
Friday – Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday 1 PM – 5 PM


Colleen Bresnahan

With over twenty-five years of experience in the entertainment business as a project manager, art director, estimator, scenic artist, and custom prop fabricator, I’ve worked on numerous theme parks and museum projects both domestically and internationally. My work in Asia led to an interest in Brush painting.

Po Chu Fung

I am a clinical scientist working in the UCLA Pathology department. In my free time, I enjoy reading, music, travel, yoga, and Chinese Brush painting. I like to use my imagination and travel experience to express and capture the “qi” of the images through Chinese Brush painting.

Violet Lee

Watercolor has always been my favorite medium, but I lacked the confidence to learn techniques necessary to successfully manipulate colors and subjects.  Internationally known artist Nan Rae has been a great help, and I have begun to feel comfortable trying Chinese painting.  It takes a while, but it is fun and rewarding.

Kathryn Tilley

I became interested in art during my early years through the lens of a camera. This led to an art degree from SUNY Oswego. Later in life, I found Chinese Brush painting and never looked back. The interplay between spontaneous brush strokes and nature as subject have endless possibilities. The joy is in the journey.

Dr. Eileen Breyde

I studied art at UCLA, Art Center College of Design, UCSB, and California State University Northridge earning a Master of Arts degree in Biology from UCLA and a Doctor of Medicine degree from UCLA with a Fellowship in Rheumatology from UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. My brush painting journey began with Nan Rae as I returned to my first love… painting.

Cindy Hackett

I am a retired civil engineer who started painting this past year when my friend Sandie Reilly took me to one of Nan Rae’s classes. I love the insight into painting and looking at individual flowers, plants and trees and expressing them through Brush painting in the classes which are so much fun.

Tony Oliver

I fell in love with the oriental culture while in the Marine Corps traveling around the Orient.  I train in the martial  arts, and a friend gave me a Japanese Sumi-e kit. After a year of trying to do sumi paintings, I became frustrated and decided I needed better brushes. Online, I found a Master Chinese Brush painter in Burbank who also sold brushes and gave lessons. After one lesson I fell in love with Chinese Brush painting, and the rest is history.

Kathy Wong

My appreciation and inspiration for Chinese Brush painting began when I saw the grace of the brush dancing and coming to life on the thin paper media.  This inspired me to create and be spontaneous, painting without inhibition… truly ‘The Way of the Brush.’ The reward of a finished Brush painting is the thrill of knowing I’m able to capture the attention of the viewer through the artist’s eye.

Laurie Burton

The first time I walked into Nan Rae’s Brush painting class I knew I had found a special place to create along with my years of acting and teaching at USC School of Cinematic Arts. I was very scared at first, afraid of being judged, but Nan Rae was so willing to share, and her encouragement was so genuine I was hooked. These classes have changed my life as I now consider myself an artist with the work to prove it. My spirit has been opened to a whole new way of being.

Diana Jeong

I discovered Nan Rae at the Huntington Botanical Gardens where I purchased Nan’s book “The Ch’i of the Brush”. I soon attended classes at the Huntington and then at the studio.  My book “Paint Your Dreams: Painting with Athena”, is a small collection of my Chinese brush paintings featuring my cat Athena who inspired me. I love creating art in watercolors, ink, pencils, and other media. This experience is transformative as you find the angel within yourself.

Sandra Reilly

I was inspired by a trip to China that led me to express my love of Chinese Brush painting with brilliant watercolors that captivate the viewers and draw them into a world of exquisite beauty that is as sublimely delicate as it is powerful.

Clara Yang

My first landscape painting was done by copying what my father hung on our living room wall in Hong Kong when I was 11 years old. I started taking basic Chinese Brush painting right afterward on weekends. I met my beloved teacher Nan Rae about ten years ago, and she always encourages me to develop myself through landscape painting.  I have learned the value and beauty of landscape paintings throughout all the Chinese empires, and I feel related to them as I put my inspirations on paper.

Kathryn Camp

I had been working in ceramics for a number of years and looking for additional ways to “decorate” pottery other than glazing. I was a bit hesitant to try painting at first. But, after a few classes with Nan Rae, I fell in love with the medium and the process of Brush painting.

Amy Khachatryan

My company, Le Jardin Privé, has me continually surrounded by and working with flowers. Understanding the transformative quality of these flowers always helps me design with love the beauty I see around me. Learning Brush painting has only served to enhance my floral creations.


Lucina Siguenza

I previously took watercolor classes in Oregon for four years.  Recently has been painting in watercolors for three years.

Lynne Sims

I work primarily with watercolors and pastels focusing on several diverse styles of visual art including Chinese Brush painting, Western landscapes, and abstract pastels. Studying with prominent Chinese watercolor artist Nan Rae ignited my passion for painting.  Thanks largely to Nan Rae I have been honored to exhibit at Shumei Hall in Pasadena and at the annual Sierra Madre Art Fairs.