Brush Painting Classes

Brush painting is a magnificent experience that can be learned under the guidance of Nan Rae; previous experience is not required. Brushes and supplies are provided for class use.

In all sessions, Nan Rae will have you producing your first painting at your first workshop. Each student gets plenty of personal attention and printed lessons help you practice at home. You’ll learn to paint like a true literati.

Nan Rae teaches the rapid, oriental brush strokes that enable you to capture a sweep of pure and energized freedom in a contemporary, robust and exhilarating form.

Studio Brush Painting Classes

January 19th
February 23rd

Huntington Brush Painting Class

January 16th
February 20th

Chinese Calligraphy Class

January 12th
February 2nd

Class at the Huntington

Third Wednesday of each Month

New students join the workshop every month and the subject is flowers. It’s not important to start at a particular class. Each meeting is independent with new subjects and skills.

We start at 11:00 and end at 3:00 with a break for a brown bag lunch. Parking for students is free. The cost of a workshop is $50 and that includes in-class supplies.

Studio Classes

Saturday Classes

Two Saturday classes are held each month.

Both Saturdays are the same lesson. This schedule helps keep class size smaller. The class is from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Second Wednesday

There is also a class on the second Wednesday of the Month; the class subject is Landscape painting.  No current schedule for this class. Landscape class will resume in 2019.

Calligraphy Workshop

Master Calligrapher Shantien “Tom” Chow teaches Chinese calligraphy at the Nan Rae studio the first Saturday of every month from 1 – 3 PM.

Latest Brush Painting Tutorial by Nan Rae

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Nan Rae Classes

Nan Rae’s movement with the brush looks unearthly. Thanks so much for sharing your videos. Your work is poetry in colors.

Esha K.